Friday, May 10, 2013

Some Recent Pics and Updates

Thought I'd post some updates about what is going on here in Tennessee.

A sparrow has taken advantage of our open-garage door policy and built a nest on shelf in our garage. She laid three eggs that have hatched and we had baby birds in our garage for about 10 days.  We're glad they have hatched and have flown away, because we're signing on our new house today and will need some of the stuff underneath the nest. Beth also found a frog in her shoes a couple weeks ago - the shoes were also sitting in the garage. I think in our new house, our open garage door policy will change.

Everything has turned green here again and our basil has already doubled in size. Our kids are still crazy. Isaac just turned five and is already thinking he's an adult. At the library the other day, he told the librarian, "I like my mom, but sometimes I need my alone time."

Here's some pictures.

On February 1st, the daffodils just started appearing all over, including in the woods..

Happy spring, everyone.

The nursery leaders want to make sure you know that Jesus is watching, so don't steal the snacks.

And last of all, this toilet is good.

Happy spring, everyone.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Color of Music

Lizzie won a Blue Ribbon for her artwork that was entered in the "Color of Music" art contest.  She was supposed to create a piece while listening to the Sleeping Beauty Waltz by Tchaikovsky.   They displayed the artwork during the last Jackson Symphony concert and now they are in a Mall somewhere. You can view her piece here.  Her's is number 32 about 8 rows down.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Fall in Tennessee

2012-10-09 10.51.50

means sweaters, shorts,  cowboy boots, and cubs hats

2012-10-20 12.59.55

lots and lots of pumpkins….

2012-10-20 13.02.31

and cotton….

2012-10-23 15.17.42

and leaves

2012-11-11 14.06.03

and Anniversaries!

Halloween (isn’t it about time?)

We did Halloween cheap this year.  I bought a tube of white paint and some thrift shirts.  To bad my kids are so cute!


2012-10-31 18.11.21









2012-10-31 18.13.39

okay, that’s not really cute…

2012-10-31 20.54.22

The dino costume that has lasted throughout the years…

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cowboy Spanish and other Stories

About a week after we moved to Tennessee Joe and I took Gabe and Isaac with us to get accounts set up at the bank.  It was hard for Isaac to be good inside so as soon as I was all done signing papers I slipped out to the car with the boys.  As I was buckling Isaac in he said to me, “Mom, why was that lady speaking Cowboy Spanish?” I was laughing so hard and I couldn’t figure out how to explain to my son that it was just a southern accent, mixed with banking terms unknown to a four year old.  We pass this sign on the way to town everyday and it reminds me of the “Cowboy Spanish.” 

2012-09-10 11.17.48

Christopher came home from school and I asked him to get out his agenda so I could sign it.  He said, “No mom, it’s my ‘ajinda’.”  I looked at him and said, “excuse me?”  He just shrugged his shoulders and said, “That’s what my teacher says!”

2012-09-03 18.05.20

We finally have a backyard and a cool tree! Joe built the ladder and though our neighbor called it innovative I just call it rustic….not usually the adjective you want to hear when speaking of ladders…

2012-08-20 09.06.47

We love to sit on the front porch and watch the neighbors (they are building a new house and sometimes they bring out a backhoe), or the garbage truck, or a riding lawnmower.  Isaac and Gabe like to sit under the chairs, I think it is cooler there.  Yes, you’re right, camp chairs aren’t ever classy, not even in Tennessee!

2012-08-17 15.17.31

The highlight of the year here is the soybean festival.  Free BBQ, Free bluegrass, fried pies…what more could you ask for!

2012-09-07 18.06.39 

Isaac is worried about the height… you will notice that I’m not on that thing.

2012-09-07 18.07.26


When there is nothing else to do we just relax…and sleep in the nice cozy toy box.

2012-09-15 16.39.00

Happy Birthday Gabe!

2012-05-09 10.43.58

2012-06-13 11.22.31

2012-09-17 17.10.39


2012-09-17 13.18.03

Ah yes…I just love two year olds!  Happy Birthday my son!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Last Day of School

Kip on the Last day of School...He's the one in the long sleeve Tee-shirt with all the great moves!